Huagechemical is a chemical specialty company specializing in mold release agents for the composites, polyurethane and rubber molding industries. One of our strong points is the release of polyurethane integral skin molding for shoe soles.

Without this experience and knowledge, the production of soles and molding them directly into the upper can be challenging.

Our expertise is not theoretical. We gain hands-on experience through workshop interactions and observations, and conduct extensive online product testing - critical to the formulation and successful performance of our products. We work fast to meet specialized product needs, driving fast development times and integrated production.

Just as the industry is always evolving and changing, we also focus on our own processes and products to ensure we continue to innovate to provide the best service in the industry. This means working on developing new and more advanced raw materials, integrating breakthrough technologies, and supporting and participating in the development of green technologies. Our water-based and green solutions are friendly to workers and the environment.

If you need a release agent for the polyurethane integral skin of shoe soles, Huagechemical can be your global source for custom formulated products. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to meet your release agent needs quickly and efficiently. Huagechemical has solutions for even the most challenging custom mold release problems.