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Water Based Release Agent For PU Dual Density Shoe Sole

PU Release agent, also named polyurethane mold release agent, is effective on PU mold making and casting. This water based Bulk PU Release Agent mainly offered for polyurethane shoe insole factory. This PU realease agent features odor free, harmless, easy to use and clean, specializing in polyurethane mold demolding. 

Model: MK-WB308

Appearance:  Milky White Liquid

Solubility: Water-based

Packing: 25KG/200KG

Supplies: PU Shoe Insole, PU Upper Shoe Sole Factory, etc.

Application: For PU Shoe Soles Normal Finished Process

Performance: Normal Matte Surface Finished, Stable Release Performance, and Not Stick to The Mold.

Usage: Auto Spray or Manual Brush

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PU release agent, also known as polyurethane release agent, is effective for PU mold making and casting. This bulk release agent spray is mainly provided by polyurethane insole factories. Odor-free, harmless, easy to use and clean, our spray release agents are designed for release from polyurethane molds.


Huage HG-PUSS308 Water Based Release Agent For PU Dual Density Shoe Sole, effective for upper/sole insole release.


* Easy to apply; quick drying

* Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, harmless

* The sole surface is smooth.

* Used to form the upper sole release.

* Good workability and sprayability.

Factory advantage

Professional release agent with more than 20 years warranty; Adhere to quality first;

500 hectares production plant with a monthly output of 600 metric tons.

Factory direct sales & bulk price. Provide you with high quality and cost saving price

One-stop purchasing service. Excellent complete sales service.

Product NameHG-PUSS308   Water Based Release Agent For PU
Appearance milky   liquid 
Diluted 5% appearance light-milky   liquid 
Specific gravity @20% 1.0±0.2
PH @5% diluent 7±0.5 
Component standard qualified 
Environment emission standard qualified 
Transport standard (non-dangerous)   general transport 
Odor slight 
Material composition synthesis   emulsion

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